Shakespeare said that brevity is the soul of wit. The Bard may have had a point. Then again, old William was likely not placing an ad for a detailed item.

We allow up to 30 words in every commission ad. For the more concise among us (and for certain items), that’s more than enough. Sometimes, though, an item defies description in a mere 30 words. While we’re able to do some rather fancy footwork to keep an ad within the word limits, there are occasions when there just remains more to be said.

We get it. And that’s why we offer the chance to put as many words in the ad as you’d like; it’s ┬ájust $2 for every 10 words over that initial 30 words. ┬áJust ask about it when you’re placing an ad on the phone or simply click “Yes!” next to “Extra Word Fee” when you’re submitting an ad on findnflip.com.