77% of American households do it; in fact they do it about 5 times a month. Henry Ford rigged one of his automobiles to do it while running (and shared the results on picnics with Thomas Edison). The most popular time of year to do it is summer, with the 4th of July being, by far, the #1 occasion. We are, of course, talking about grilling food.

Whether it’s over charcoal or powered by propane, most of us look forward to grilling, barbecuing, and smoking our food, especially once the weather turns warm. As we turn the corner toward spring, more and more grills are turning up in our Lawn & Patio category. You’ll also find supplies like spare gas cylinders, grill covers and grilling tools (not to mention other necessities like picnic tables, lawn furniture & patio umbrellas).

If you’re grilling with propane, here’s a tip: use that bathroom scale to determine if you’ve got enough fuel to do the deed. Most standard propane tanks weigh about 18 lbs., so subtract 18 from your weigh-in number and divide it by 30 to determine how many minutes of juice remain.