… well, hopefully it is, considering temperatures will be right around the freezing mark for the foreseeable future.

We’re a fantastic source for furnaces, boilers (both residential & commercial), baseboard heaters and other heating systems and accessories, but when you check out ourĀ Plumbing & Heating category, you’ll find quite a few ads for that workhorse, the (sometimes) humble cast iron radiator.

Those radiators – mostly antique – are surprisingly good sellers, likely for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they’re a perfect fit for an authentic remodel of an older home. Other times they simply provide the most workable update for another cracked or damaged model. Even if a radiator is a century old, chances are that it still provides a gentle, even heat (its amazing ability as a reliable mitten dryer & warmer might help, too).

We bet you hadn’t thought much about the humble radiator. But we have. And we know that you never really know what might be a hot seller.