We’re generally pretty big advocates of seizing the day. But we have to admit that one of the great things about the internet is that it gives us a chance to share the podcast of each & every edition of Paper Shop Live! You can check it out here whenever you like.

Aside from giving as many people as possible a chance to catch a show they may have missed, we’re also getting an opportunity to give the show’s callers even more exposure. There’s the added benefit, too, of making it possible for anyone interested in any of the items for sale to listen again to the description, catch any details they may have missed and get (or confirm) the phone number of the seller.  Remember, too, that every single ad placed on air is online, too:

One ad you won’t see, however, is Don’s ad for a Red Barons jersey – he’s already sold it to a listener of Saturday’s broadcast.

Hint: you can pull up all the ads from this week’s show by tying in “as advertised on Paper Shop Live on NEPA’s ESPN Radio” or even just “as advertised” in the search field on our website.