Between the recent government shutdown and yesterday’s Facebook fiasco, we’re willing to bet that, like us, you’ve had just about enough of things not working when they’re supposed to. Yeah, it’s a crazy and somewhat out-of-control world out there, but it is possible to take control is some small ways.

One of those ways? Having a generator on hand. And we’ve got ’em – check out Machinery and Tools to find generators of all sorts & sizes.

We know we’ve talked about these dynamos before, but it’s a subject we find quite, well … powerful. Early prototypes of generators differed greatly from those we know today for a simple reason: the first inventors just didn’t know quite what to do with alternating current, so the focus of the first ones was on trying to eliminate the AC in order to harvest direct current. By the late 1880’s, however, inventors like William Stanley,¬†George Westinghouse, Nikola Tesla & Elihu Thompson had begun to develop their own designs for generators that used the more controllable and more powerful AC currents. And today? Well, we use those back-and-forth currents of electricity to keep life moving forward, even when things go seriously awry. Between fall hurricanes and upcoming winter storms, we’ve got you covered with an impressive number of listings for generators.