You might not love spelling, but we do! We also have an extreme affection for correct grammar (but that’s a post for another day).

When you’re placing an ad with us on findnflip.com, don’t sweat the small stuff … and certainly don’t sweat the spelling. If you’re not sure how to spell something, just give it your best shot. Nine times out of ten, we’ll know exactly where you’re going with it; if for some reason we’re not sure, we’ll give you a call to make sure we’ve got it right.

It’s important for people to realize that when an ad is placed on our website, it’s not simply being sent off into some sort of internet black hole. Every ad you place comes to one of our customer service reps. We make sure that everything’s in order: we check the spelling, make sure the ad is easy for readers to understand, ensure that any attached photos aren’t upside-down, and confirm that it’s set to appear in the correct category.