Snow Day

Before the days of the internet, we remember listening to local radio on snowy mornings to find out about school cancellations and delays. You really had to time it well, though, because the names of the schools were read in alphabetical order, and if you happened to tune in just past your school’s spot in the ABC’s, you’d need to keep listening until the alphabet ran full circle to that particular letter. To this day, whenever we hear certain local ad jingles, it takes us right back to those snowy winter mornings and that special anticipation that if we were lucky, we just might get an unexpected day off from school.

Perhaps that’s why we’re big fans of local radio. We’re proud to bring you a brand new show every Saturday morning, and each time we show up at the Times Building in downtown Scranton to take over the airwaves, we feel like we’re part of something really special. If you haven’t yet tuned in, join us this Saturday at 9 AM. You can find us on the dial at 96.1 & 100.1FM or at 630 & 1240AM. If you miss the broadcast, listen online to the podcast of the show. We also post links to each week’s podcast on Facebook, Twitter & Google+.