You’re probably thinking right about now that puns are our specialty (we’re afraid you’d be partially correct). But we’re also a great place to pick up DIY and craft items. We’re also an exceptionally great source for the organization and storage of those items.

Whether you’re a veteran seamstress or novice crafter, you’ll find a wide variety of sewing machines (and other paraphernalia) in Miscellaneous Household. If you’re crafty, we’ve currently got all manner of supplies, from ceramic molds to scrapbook supplies. Both Miscellaneous and Under $25 are regular hotbeds for the implements of creative pursuits.

Even better? Both Miscellaneous and Under $25 boast a wealth of interesting ideas for storage of your sewing and craft supplies. It’s where we classify things like storage containers. And don’t overlook unexpected categories like Hunting & Fishing: after all, tackle boxes are wonderful things for containing your stash of supplies.

Use that creativity! We’re here to help you do it on the cheap.