Even if you’re not particularly extreme, chances are you’ve clipped a coupon or two at some point. After all, over 80% of Americans use coupons – even if it’s just once in a while.

Coupons are a relatively new-fangled thing, historically speaking. The first were handwritten tickets issued by druggist Asa Candler inviting folks to try a free glass of his new drink, Coca-Cola. C.W. Post followed suit a year later with coupons good for 1¢ off Grape Nuts. The rest, as they say, is history

We know you’re all about saving some green, and we’re happy to help. In fact, you’ll find several coupons in this week’s issue of Paper Shop, including: $10 off transmission service at Jiffy Lube (p.14), oil and oil change specials at Pachter Automotive Supply Co. (p.24), and blowout deals from Giant Floor (p.44).