radio microphone

Can you hear me now? Yes? Good! I’d like to hear you, too.

If you’ve listened to the Paper Shop Live! radio broadcast on Saturday mornings, you know that we’re completely live on the air and that the broadcasts really do end up being a mixed bag. Always fun, always interesting, but not the kind of thing that you can walk into that studio & fully predict. And that, my friends, is a good thing – and exactly what we like.

If you’re thinking of calling in an advertisement, do it! You’ll be on the air with Kim or Jen (me), both longtime Paper Shop employees & neither particularly experienced in radio. We’re just regular people like you. What we are experienced in, however, is taking ads and helping people sell their stuff; that’s why we’re right there with you as you place your ad on the air during the live broadcast.

Best of all? It really is free advertising. Not only do you get to reach our radio audience with your ad, we also put that ad up on for the week, so you’ll reach our online audience, too (not to mention the listeners of the weekly podcasts – posted on our Twitter & Facebook feeds). And all of it’s free. No obligation; in fact, the only information we’ll ask when you place the ad is your first name, your city and a number that interested buyers can use to reach you.

So don’t be shy! If I can get on the air, so can you! Give us a call between 9-10 on Saturday mornings and tell us what you’ve got! 1-888-303-0630 Join us on NEPA’s ESPN radio network: 96.1/100.1FM & 630/1240AM