It might be the proximity to New Year’s Day (and the fact that Thursday is Ditch the New Year’s Resolution Day). Perhaps it’s because we had the chance to talk to Brian from Fitness Headquarters on Paper Shop Live! this past Saturday. Or maybe – just maybe – it’s the number of cookies we’ve managed to consume over the last few weeks. No matter the cause, though, we’re thinking workouts.

Cardio? We’ve got treadmills and elliptical machines a-plenty. The best thing about the exercise equipment we have advertised is that a huge percentage of it is either unused or used very little. Whether it’s the result of an unwanted Christmas gift or the outcome of an overly ambitious set of resolutions, we’ve got the goods – often barely used and surprisingly inexpensive.

Weights. Pilates machines & accessories. Training & exercise DVD’s & tapes. Chances are if your workout demands it, we’ve got it.