Scholars are pretty sure that it’s how the Great Wall of China was financed. Benjamin Franklin used it to fund the purchase of a cannon to defend Philadelphia. You might have waited with bated breath on Saturday night to see those Powerball results (we did). Ah, lottery. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to dream!

Whether you’re a gambler or someone who’s hesitant to take any risks, we’ve got the perfect ad for you. If you’re pretty sure of selling your item, pre-paid commission is the ad for you: pay half the commission price when you place the ad, owe nothing when you sell. Best of all? You can run that paid-for ad for 32 issues if you need to. But if you’re not sure if your item will sell, opt for a commission ad. If it sells? Great! If not, we can let the ad expire after its four issue run, and as long as you’ve kept it available for sale, it’ll run out with no charge.

Some say that life’s about taking chances. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s better to play it safe. Either way? We’ve got you covered.