dollar bill

Dough. Benjamins. Moolah. Sure, we’re all about saving you some green, but how often do any of us think about the bills & coins themselves?

  • There’s some dispute regarding the origins of the word “cash”. Some claim that it’s from the French word caisse (money box) or the Italian cassa (box). Others claim that it’s derived from the Indian kaasu (coin)
  • More Monopoly money is printed every year than all other money worldwide
  • One dollar bills are the most commonly printed, accounting for 45% of all bills printed yearly
  • The U.S. government prints about 8 billion bills every year (enough that if laid end to end, they’d circle the equator 30 times!)
  • Get the magnifying glass ready: the phrase “The United States of America” appears 12 times on a $100 bill (the outermost line of the oval surrounding Franklin’s portrait is actually composed of the phrase printed 10 times)