If you browse findnflip.com, you’ll notice that the items for sale are carefully organized by category and that you won’t see spam or scams among them. We pride ourselves on making the buying and selling experience with us as efficient as possible; who needs to wade through shady and suspicious online postings? Nobody, that’s who.

We’re aces at keeping the online weeds to a minimum, and we’d like to remind you that we’re very able to help with real-life weeds, too!

Because every edition is printed on biodegradable non-glossy newsprint, old books are infinitely usable. Expired issues make an excellent weed block: when placed under garden mulch, our pages will keep weeds at bay while still allowing water to penetrate into the ground to keep those shrubs, ornamental plantings and trees happy.

Paper Shop: we’ve got you (and your garden) covered!