Or maybe it isn’t. We don’t know for sure. But we do know that there has been a piano on the air. And an antique cooler. And both of them sold.

You probably already know that we invite you to join us live on the air every Saturday morning. We’d love you to call Paper Shop Live! and tell our listening audience what it is you’d like to sell. The great thing about getting your ads on the air is that you reach a whole new audience; you never know who’s listening and what they might be interested in.

A few weeks ago, Jack called ┬áPaper Shop Live! to sell his Steinway grand piano. Because it was both a large and rather pricey item, he’d been having a little trouble selling it. Oddly enough, an interested party happened to be driving though the area and picked up the show on his car radio at the very time that Jack was on. We don’t think it was love in the air, but it certainly seemed to be some kind of Paper Shop magic: the traveler called Jack and purchased the Steinway.

Give us a call on Saturday morning at 1-888-303-0630 and get your items out there! Whether it’s online, in print or over the airwaves, we’ve got you covered!