Ask around and you’re likely to find that most people you know found a car through Paper Shop.

Perhaps it was that first car: often short on bells & whistles, but generally pretty affordable. Sometimes it’s a car just for commuting. Or maybe a rough service 4×4 just for winter. Either way, we’re NEPA’s premier source to find used (and new) vehicles. We’ve got lots of experience, since we’ve been doing this for nearly 45 years!

Let’s put that 45 years into perspective.

'68 Firebird

Here’s a car that matches us in years: it’s a ’68 Pontiac Firebird. In fact, we’ve currently got it listed for sale. Pretty sweet, huh? It’ll go into print for the January 2, 2013 issue, but you can find it on in our Antique Autos category (hint: type ’68 Pontiac Firebird into the Keyword Search field).