Furby. Rubik’s Cube. Wii. Every year’s got a few of them: the hottest and most wanted gifts for the holidays. Run a Google search for “hottest gifts of 2012” (or even take an informal survey of people you know) and we’re willing to bet you’ll hear about Keurig coffee machines, Sodastream soda makers, Kindle HD’s (along with Kindle accessories) and more than a few Leapfrogs.

Here’s the thing, savvy shopper: every year, some of these most-wanteds will show up with us, very often unused and even unopened! It could be that it was a present that just didn’t suit the recipient. Or maybe a duplicate gift. Either way, if you’re craving a Keurig or sad over your lack of Sodastream, check with us. You just might get the steal of the year!