… posted online. And for free, too! Best of all, you can do it four times.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and we’ve found it to be especially true when you’re trying to sell something. You can post up to four online photos with every ad you place and those pictures can really help move your stuff.

Think of it as a potential buyer would: suppose you’re looking to buy a sofa. Maybe you’re looking for a green one. When you see someone advertising a green sofa, you’re still left with questions. Is it a leather sofa? A sectional? It is modern? Casual? Even though the ad tells you that it’s green, is it the olive green that you’re looking for or is it more of a teal-hued green? A picture reveals it all in an instant.

You can upload photos when you are placing your ad on You’re also welcome to add them at any time using “Change or Correct Ad” on the website. If you run into difficulties, call us at 1-800-537-9377; we’ll either walk you through the process or find another way to get your pictures to us.