Sure, the left-handed may comprise 15% of the population. And southpaws might tend to excel at abstract and creative thought. But these aren’t attributes that apply to the lefties we’re talking about here. Unless you’ve got some kind of magical plumbing, chances are your left-handed tub keeps its talents to itself.

Yes, we said left-handed tub. And, yes, they’re a thing that exists. A rather common thing, in fact.

The right- or left-handedness of a tub tells you which side has the drain – a rather important detail if you’re shopping around for a tub to fit in a particular spot (remember that most tubs have one side to a wall). If you stand facing your tub (as if you were about to get into it), you’ll see that the drain is either to your right or to your left. If it’s to your right? Right-handed. To your left? Lefty.

So when you notice tubs of the left-handed variety in our Heating & Plumbing section, you aren’t … well, left wondering what that means, right? Right.