So, do you feel unlucky, punk? Well, do you?

If so, let us share some interesting information about this ominous date; even if you’re still nervous about it, at least you’ll be well-equipped with some interesting trivia. Right? Right!

Fear of Friday the 13th (called friggatriskaidekaphobia) is a relatively new thing. There are very few references to it being an frightful date before the mid-19th century. Friday, however? Well, Friday’s a whole ‘nother bag of black cats. It’s been considered an unlucky day for centuries. There are references to Friday be a bad day to start a journey or conduct business since the time of The Canterbury Tales (14th century).

If you happened to live in a Spanish-speaking country, today would be nothing out of the ordinary – it’s Tuesday the 13th which carries a stigma in many of those cultures. And Italian culture dreads Friday the 17th as a particularly unlucky day.

As for us? Well, it’s the day of our deadline, and no number of 13s, black cats or cracked mirrors will keep us from getting the new issue to print. If you get your ad information to us by 11 AM, we’ll get it into the September 18th issue. If you’re unlucky enough to miss that mark, we’ll still get your ad online in about 30 minutes and into print for the September 25 issue.