We’ve all been in a deep freeze for the last week, so we guess it’s no surprise that we’re in a freeze frame state of mind this afternoon.

We’ve already told you about posting photos of any item on it’s easy, free and effective. But when it comes to commission ads for cars, trucks or motorcycles we go a step further: we’ll print a photo, too, and we’ll do it for free.

If you’re advertising a bike or vehicle with us on a commission basis and asking $2100 or more for it, we’ll get a full color photo into an issue of Paper Shop at no cost to you. When you submit that ad with the photo, we do it automatically. If you upload a photo to an existing eligible ad, we take the lead there, too. You can mail a photo, drop it off at our office, or even bring the vehicle itself to us to take the photos. If you’d rather get the photo to us using email (or just need assistance) just give us a call, we’ll get you all set up.