Question mark

Questions. We love ‘em. When somebody has a question for us here at Paper Shop, we know that they’re either already advertising with us or thinking of giving us a try. We’re happy to help with and all inquiries, and we’ve found that a number of them are, well, frequently asked questions. Here’s where we take some time to talk about them.

We’d like to tell you that we ask for your digits because you’re simply too charming to resist, but we’d be lying (though we’re sure your charm is off the charts). We do it for a few reasons, most notably for ease in quickly locating your account.

It’s funny how last names tend to run the gamut from the difficult to pronounce (and spell!) to the strikingly common. By looking you up on our system using your phone number, we bypass both spelling confusion and the large number of, say, John Smiths that we’ve got on record. It also enables us to easily make sure that we’ve got the correct and current phone number for you.