Question mark

Questions. We love ’em. When somebody has a question for us here at Paper Shop, we know that they’re either already advertising with us or thinking of giving us a try. We’re happy to help with and all inquiries, and we’ve found that a number of them are, well, frequently asked questions. Here’s where we take some time to talk about them.

So you’ve placed a commission ad with us. It’s going into its fourth issue (commission ads run for four issues) and you haven’t sold your item. Hey, it happens and we understand that – sometimes it just takes a little time to sell something. If you are approaching that last issue, no need to worry: we’ll give you a phone call to see how you’re doing.

If you haven’t sold but you’d like to keep advertising, we’ll be happy to rerun the ad for another 4 issues. The commission will not increase with each run: it’s solely based on the asking price of the item and not on the length of time that you advertise. If the commission on the item is, say, $50, it’ll be $50 when it sells regardless of how many weeks it’s run.

But what if you didn’t sell and don’t feel like rerunning the ad? No problem. As long as the item’s been kept available for sale (it wasn’t thrown away, traded in, given away, etc.) and has not sold, we’re happy to simply let the ad expire and you’ll owe nothing.

Remember that we’re always happy to explain how we work and go over any and all policies with you. Give us a call at 1-800-537-9377.