Question mark

Questions. We love ‘em. When somebody has a question for us here at Paper Shop, we know that they’re either already advertising with us or thinking of giving us a try. We’re happy to help with and all inquiries, and we’ve found that a number of them are, well, frequently asked questions. Here’s where we take some time to talk about them.

You can paint a pretty or a bleak one. Sometimes you just need to look at the big one. They’re worth a thousand words. We are, of course, talking about pictures. You’ve probably shopped online, so you know how very helpful a picture can be when you’re in the market to buy something.

When you advertise with us, you can post up to four pictures of each item that you’re selling on It doesn’t matter if you’re running a commission ad, a pre-paid commission ad, or a pre-paid ad; every ad is entitled to those 4 free photos. And when there are online pictures for your item, we put “See Picture Online” in the print version of the ad so that people who see your item in our book will know that they can look online to check your item out.

You can attach your photos when you’re placing your ad online, or you can use “Change or Correct Ad” to put them in later. Don’t forget that you’re more than welcome to update or change those pictures whenever you wish!