Question mark

Questions. We love ‘em. When somebody has a question for us here at Paper Shop, we know that they’re either already advertising with us or thinking of giving us a try. We’re happy to help with and all inquiries, and we’ve found that a number of them are, well, frequently asked questions. Here’s where we take some time to talk about them.

A commission ad might run to thirty words, but what would you say if we offered you the chance at four thousand words? For free? After all, they say a picture’s worth a thousand words; since we offer up to four photos with every ad, you’ve got the chance to get pretty wordy.

When you place your ad on, you can attach pictures right along with the ad text. Even if the ad’s already running, you can use “Change or Correct an Ad” (find it at the bottom of the page) to add photos after the fact or even change the ones that you currently have posted. Add or change photos at any time, and if you run into difficulty or even just have questions, feel free to give us a buzz. We’ll be happy to help you get your ad picture perfect.