A bit of March trivia: did you know that March is National Frozen Food Month? You might not have spent too much time thinking about those frozen peas and carrots, but we have. And the history of frozen food is surprisingly interesting!

Before Clarence Birdseye invented the flash freezing method in 1924, frozen food did exist, but it was simply awful. Because food items were slowly frozen, they tended to be rather mushy and unappealing when thawed; early frozen food was so bad, in fact, that it was banned from the New York State prison system as being inhumane!

Birdseye spent his early days as a fur trader in Labrador, and he noticed that the cold temperatures there caused food to freeze quickly. Because a fast freeze results in the formation of smaller ice crystals, food that was rapidly frozen tended to keep its original texture & taste. Birdseye spent years perfecting a workable method of flash freezing and hammered out the details of packaging the food to produce a product of a saleable size. In doing so, he revolutionized how we eat.

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