Beware the Ides of March!

Or, you know, don’t. Unless you’re Caesar (or someone who needs to be absolutely sure your ad appears in the next issue of Paper Shop), you’ll probably be okay.

Friday is the day that we wrap up our week’s work, give the paper a final go-over, and send the whole thing off to print. The deadline to get ads in is 11 am on Friday; after that we immediately get cracking on the following week’s issue. Of course, any ads we get appear on within 30 minutes of us receiving them, so even ┬áif you miss the deadline for the very next issue, your items will still be advertised online before they appear in print.

We’d like to tell you that we send each edition to print and then celebrate with a balloon drop, confetti and a marching band, but we’d be lying. Then again, we are wrapping up each issue on a Friday and that’s celebration enough!