It’s one of the most sought after items that we list. And it’s probably also the most frequently misspelled; not too surprising, since the word’s French and is used by most Americans in no other context. Tonno. Tanow. Even Tonto himself has been name-checked a time or two (we can’t really blame people for this – as we type, spell check is tagging the word every time).

Drum roll, please, as we present the tonneau cover.

The natural habitat of this creature is the Truck & Van Parts category. You’ll find both soft and hard varieties in a number of sizes and brands. But if you’re like us you might have wondered what, exactly, is this tonneau that we’re covering?

Interestingly, the word tonneau was originally applied to the rounded rear passenger compartment of antique touring automobiles. By 1910 Cadillac introduced the first fully enclosed sedan, but before that, the back seat on a number of cars was a separate, open compartment. The original tonneau covers would protect unused seats and/or cargo in that rear compartment.

So when you’re ready to take cover, call us! We’ve got you (quite literally) covered.