It’s not too often that you can predict exactly what you’ll be doing in 12 days, but we’re willing to bet that a huge number of people are able to do precisely that. We can: we’ll be tuning in to the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3.

It may come as no surprise to you that we’ve got a special fondness when it comes to the big game. That fondness isn’t especially for the Ravens or the 49ers (though both are worthy adversaries). No, with us it’s all about the Superbowl ads! We’re not alone in that: studies show that 1 viewer in 10 watches the game purely for the commercials. Whether it’s for cars, fast food or electronics, we love the advertisements.

It’s been reported that television advertising during the game has reached a record high price tagĀ of $4,000,000 per 30 second spot. Ouch! We’re positive, too, that CBS isn’t giving advertisers the option to pay when they sell (like we do). Our maximum commission of $70 is pretty modest, too!