Class A. Class B. Fifth wheel. We throw those words around pretty lightly here at Paper Shop. They’re designations for different types of campers & motor homes. What do they mean? Let’s break them down:

A Class A motor home is the big daddy of camping. It’s the largest and generally the most luxurious, and it’s built on a special chassis. Most Class A’s have one or more slide-outs, and they’re pretty recognizable by their bus-like fronts:

Class A

Class B’s, sometimes called van campers, are the most compact of motor homes. They look sort of like stretched-out vans and usually have a raised roof:

Class B

Class C motor homes are basically mini motor homes. You can recognize them but the bunk-over-cab design, and they generally have many of the amenities of a Class A, but on a smaller scale:

Class C

And a Fifth Wheel is anything but an odd man out; it’s designed to be towed by a pickup truck equipped with a special hitch:

fifth wheel

Our friends at Wide World RV tell us this: ┬áif you’ve got your heart set on a brand new model with particular amenities, now is the time to get yourself to your local RV dealer; they’ll work with you to get that order to the manufacturer as soon as possible so that the RV will be ready for you to enjoy this summer. Of course, there are many models ready to go on site. And it goes without saying that we’ve got plenty of them ourselves: check out our Recreational Vehicles & Camping category.