radio microphone

… okay, maybe not duty. But certainly opportunity!

We like free. And from what we hear, so do you. We offer free advertisements, free photos, free giveaways, all kinds of free stuff – but did you know that we also give you the chance to drum up some attention for what you’re selling? And that the opportunity is, like so much else with us, completely free?

Call Paper Shop Live!, place your ad on air and we’ll get the word out on the local ESPN radio stations while also posting your items on for the better part of a week. It’s free to place that ad, and it’ll cost you nothing if you sell the item that you advertised during the broadcast.

Not only is it free, it’s also easy to do. When you call the show, you’ll be talking to either Kim or Jen (me). We’ll take the information about the ad, maybe ask you some questions about it, and help you showcase your item to its best advantage. We’ve both been helping folks with ads for years, and we’re there to lend our expertise to callers while making the whole thing easy and fun.

Make that Saturday morning a productive one! Give Paper Shop Live! a call between 9-10 am and let us show you what we can do: 1-888-303-0630

(Remember, too, that we’ll be welcoming your tweets during the show tomorrow. Got a question about an ad you’re hearing? Tweet it and we’ll ask it.)