On May 6, 1889 the Paris Exposition opened. Its headlining act? A nifty 984′ metal tower that had just been completed. And that tower (the one we know as the Eiffel Tower) was the world’s tallest building until New York’s Chrysler Building stole its thunder in 1930.

We bring this up not because we think you were wondering about the finer points of Paris’ most famous landmark, but because we’d like to remind you that we’ve got an impressive array of building materials for sale. From roofing materials to windows, lumber to flooring, we’ve got the materials to get you building. Whether it’s a simple A-frame dog house, some home improvements or evenĀ an 984′ tower of your own*, we’ve got you covered!

*Remember to account for weather conditions if you’re planning to match La Tour Eiffel! Because it’s metal, the tower shrinks about 6″ or so in cold weather.