Advertise free, pay when you sell.

If you’re familiar with us, you know it’s our rallying cry. And it’s true: when you place a commission ad with us, we run the ad for you with no upfront payment. Just call us or log on to, give us the information about your item, and we’ll run the advertisement both online and in print.

Commission advertisements run for 4 print issues (generally 4 weeks). When you place an ad, you’re agreeing to keep the item available; by available, we mean that while the ad’s running with us you don’t throw the item away, trade it in, donate it or sell it through another means. At the end of the 4 weeks, we’ll give you a call to see if you’d like to rerun the ad (the commission remains the same regardless of how long the ad has run) or let it expire.

If you check out the inside back page of any issue, you’ll see a rundown of the different types of ads we offer as well as an explanation of our policies. Still got questions? Call us. We’re happy to go over anything that confuses you.