Because we sell anything and everything, we often get ads for the interesting, the unusual and the extremely specialized. One of the best parts of working here is that we learn so much about so many different things. Here’s where we feature an ad that made us sit up and take notice. 

Pants. You’d think we’d list them in the Clothing category, but this week’s ad is an exception. You might wear pants, we might wear pants, but until this week we had no idea that airplane wheels might wear pants, too.  Here’s the ad:

CESSNA WHEEL PANTS SET for 150/170 series, includes nose, right & left main, very good condition, $400. +(DALTON) 570-563-2998

You read that right; not parts but pants. And they’re one of those things that you know exactly what they are when you actually see them:

wheel pants

Wheel pants are those nifty little covers that you see on the wheels of a plane. They’re used to increase the aerodynamics of the aircraft by eliminating drag caused by the wheels and their gear. They also help prevent debris being thrown up at the wings & fuselage by the spinning wheels. Some pilots prefer not to use them, however, since they do add some weight and can be damaged in a rougher landing.

So there you have it: consider yourself a wheel pants smarty-pants.