Because we sell anything and everything, we often get ads for the interesting, the unusual and the extremely specialized. One of the best parts of working here is that we learn so much about so many different things. Here’s where we feature an ad that made us sit up and take notice.


This is Bob. We’d like to apologize on his behalf for the surly facial expression, but we’re not sure we’d look much more cheerful if we were referred to as a dummy. For better or worse, Bob’s looking for a new home. Here’s his ad:

BOB THE MARTIAL ARTS MAN adjustable height, fill base w/sand or water, pd. $350., sell $170. +(HANCOCK,NY) 607-637-4804

You read that right: Bob could be yours to punch and kick. He’s a dummy used to train for boxing, sparring & kick fighting, and we suppose that goes a long way towards explaining his less-than-thrilled demeanor. You can find Bob and other supplies for martial arts training in our Sports Equipment & Exercise Equipment categories.

If you’re looking to get in shape, we’re your best ally. Looking to perfect that roundhouse kick? Bob’s your man.