On this day in 1904, what was once called Longacre Square got a brand new name.

We can get behind that; we like change, and we also understand that circumstances change. That’s why we welcome changes and updates to the ads you’ve got running with us. Perhaps it’s a small increase in the mileage of a truck. Or maybe a change in how, exactly, you’d like the ad to read. Sometimes, too, you might just have made a mistake when you gave us the information about your item. It happens. And we’re very flexible.

You can update your ad with a quick phone call, if you’d like. We’re happy to go over your current wording & price and help you get that ad exactly right. You can also change your ad using Just log in, click on “Change or Correct An Ad” (at the bottom of the page), make those changes & submit them to us.

Oh – and Longacre Square? Well, we guess it was safe to say that on April 8, 1904 the times, they were a changin’: we know that plot of land today as New York’s Times Square.