radio microphone

It might be a retiring Santa selling his homemade red suit just in time for Christmas. Or maybe a newly-minted hobby blacksmith on the hunt for an anvil. It’s pretty amazing, really, to think of some of the interesting people we talk to on air during Paper Shop Live! every Saturday. When we open up the phone lines on each show, we never know what we’re going to get; to be honest, though, that’s the fun of the whole thing.

This Saturday, December 22, will be our 27th broadcast. Join us as we take over the airwaves between 8 & 9 AM. Better yet, call us! Tell us what you’d like to sell or maybe even about something you’re looking to buy. There’s no charge to do it, and we’ll also post the information on for a week to help you find a seller or buyer.

Tune in! Saturday, 8am on NEPA’s ESPN radio network: 96.1 & 100.1FM or 630 & 1240AM