Outdoor spaces are designed to be a “sweet escape.” However, getting it to that point might be difficult. Maybe you have always wanted to redo your patio so that it can accompany your family and guests for cookouts and get-togethers but never got around to doing it. I understand that things may come up which may postpone your patio redo. You might be on a budget and can’t afford all the items that you want. Unfortunately, the summer comes and goes and you don’t want to miss that opportunity of getting your dream patio. What if I told you that you could get that patio of your dreams and NOT go over your budget?!

With most patios, this area should be dedicated to entertaining your guests. If you are serving food at your event, it is important to make sure you have a place where your guests can sit. Your best bet is finding the perfect patio set.

Patio sets vary in size and style. It is important to view all options to know exactly what fits with your style and (of course) what fits in your patio area.

If you have a smaller patio, you should lean towards a smaller table that can sit around four people. Here is an example of what kind of patio set you should buy. This patio set won’t even break your budget because it will only cost you around $65!



This table set is perfect for your style if you are looking for more of a laid-back, clean look. On top of it, no matter what color scheme you choose, white will match it perfectly! You cannot go wrong when choosing this patio set.

On to the next style…

This is another set that will fit in a smaller patio area which can still sit four people. However, the style is different from the clean white set from above. This one is a wicker set that comes with four chairs and a matching end table. This style offers more of the homey, cozy, classic feel. Wicker is also very low maintenance but still carries the beauty of your home into your outdoor space. The cost of this set is still very low, only around $75 which is way less than retail price.



You can also purchase another wicker end table so that your guests have more space to place their drinks, food and other items down on. An additional table should only cost you an additional $25 which is a great savings!


With a bigger patio space, you can look at multiple different options. For instance, you can get a larger wicker glass top table that sits around six people for around $100.  This table also gives you the opportunity to get an umbrella that you can place in the middle to keep you and your guests in the shade.


You can also spice up your wicker table by placing a great outdoor rug right underneath it. This rug should only cost you about $35 which is a great savings!


There is also the relaxed lounge style furniture that you can purchase for your patio. This next set I am about to show you is great for just kicking back, eating a great meal, holding a drink in your hand, and bonding with the people you have invited over. This set will cost you only $100 but the memories you will make are priceless.


Here is another scenario for you… You are hosting a large BBQ and the people you invited brought their kids… now don’t fret because you have seating just for the children! A simple picnic table will sit around 10 little kiddos and give them enough space to eat and even make some crafts! To give you some even more good news, it should only cost you around $25. On top of it, a wooden picnic table is extremely easy to repaint to match your exact color scheme.


Now how about the idea of purchasing an outdoor sectional? Does this make you as excited as it makes me?! Close your eyes and picture having this beautiful dark brown sectional which provides the perfect amount of coziness and durability. It seems just perfect, am I right?

An outdoor sectional sofa is very modern and very easy to maintain because the material is water resistant. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on your own, get one right here for around $225.


You can also design your patio with a vintage retro feel. This would sure make a stunning, breathtaking space which will make your guests jealous.  Here are the perfect chairs that would fit right in with your vintage/retro theme.


There is no need to break your bank trying to complete your retro/vintage look because these chairs will only cost you a small cost of $125.

The next few pieces can be used to provide additional seating area for your guests.

A sturdy-white washed distressed bench will match your vintage theme perfectly. It is such a beautiful piece that would only cost $60, and in my opinion, it is so worth it. You can decorate this bench whichever way you want to make it suit your style.



This option is great if you want to just recline back and enjoy the beautiful weather. These two lawn chairs together only cost $40 and they come with foot stools (talk about comfort!).



You can also purchase a wicker love seat two place perfectly on your patio. This one comes in white, however, wicker is so easy to repaint so if you wanted to change the color up it should be no problem! Wicker love seats are usually priced around $300, which is insane because you can get this one for only $35!


There is also the option of buying five high-back resin chairs for a cheap price tag of $15. These chairs are great to quickly pull out when more guests than expected have arrived. They are also easily stackable to store away when the party is over.



One thing to keep in mind when holding a get-together at your house is the weather.  Rain or shine, the party must go on! That is why keeping your guests dry is vital. You don’t want everyone crammed inside your house when you wanted the party to be held outdoors. I have exactly what you need for this situation: a canopy. This deluxe doom style canopy might cost you $50 but it won’t cost you your party.



The chances of your guests jamming out to some music at your gathering are high. Getting outdoor landscape speakers are a great way to get your guests dancing without them having to look at your gaudy speaker system.



Once you have figured out exactly what style you desire for your patio get to