Recently FBLA members from Western Wayne High School gathered at the middle school to participate in “Have A Great Day” activities, an initiative begun at the beginning of the school year.  Every Monday morning throughout the school year, middle school and high school students are welcomed to school for another exciting week of education.  Parents, teachers, and student groups serve as ambassadors.  Music is played.  Banners, promoting “have a great day,” are proudly held.

The members participating included Allison Mattern, Krystal Tregaskis, Austin Boguski, Kate Mattern, Abby Burke, Johnny Barcarola, Darlene Black, Gracie Guarino, Abby Gogolski, Lenny Maiocco, Jill Dudley, Ezra Tetreault, Evan Coons, Tommy Gogolski, and Morgan Coccodrilli.