Students from West Scranton High School took part in the annual Wilkes University IEEE Engineering Olympics on April 13, 2018. The team of junior students competed against other high schools in five events that challenged the students to use their knowledge, innovation, and creativity to solve engineering problems. Events included constructing an effective water filter, designing a mousetrap car, building a boat to support the greatest load, and laying out and decoding complex electrical circuits. Student teams achieved 2nd and 3rd place medals in two events, enjoyed a tour of the University, and tested their problem-solving skills.


Students standing (left to right): Evan Krysko, Maura Turi, Adam Mehall, Jake Butka, Cloe Capalongo, Caitlynn Woyshnar, Emily Rose, Jessica Paluskas, Emilia Doda and Milagros Cervantes.

Kneeling in front: Mr. Scott Dustman (West Scranton science teacher)