West Scranton Students Score High in the National Spanish Exam


More than 40 students of Spanish at West Scranton High School participated in the 2016 National Spanish Exam.  35 of those students were awarded medals, recognizing them nationally for their outstanding performance on the exam.  Students from West Scranton earned a total of 6 silver and 5 bronze medals, along with 24 scholar medals marking honorable performance.


The National Spanish Examinations are administered each year in grades 6 through 12, and are sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.


Pictured are the highest exam scorers from West Scranton High School:



2016 Silver Medalists:

Blake Carlton

Maddie Emick

Sam Goncalves

Adam Mehall

Noah Molina

Zach Niemiec

Angelina Wheeler


2016 Bronze Medalists:

Chauncey Landers

Alexandra Kerecman

Julia Montevechi

Gabi Pagnotti

Joe Rutkowski

Michael Waltman


2016 Honors Medals:

Emilie Baum

Joe Bruno

John Bugiada

Kylee Camacho

Sonya Castillo

Enzo Cicco

Emma Egan

Gavin Elliott

Jose Fonseco

Rachel Kranick

Caroline Kudrich

Callie O’Brien


Patrick O’Malley Ariana Pacheco Jessica Palauskas

Liz Pfohl

Seth Reese

Jayla Rodriguez

Emily Rose

Nevaeh Ross

Josh Thomas

Talila Turner-Boyd

Olivia Viscomi

Nori Zaccheo




Row 1 (L to R): Maddie Emick, Angelina Wheeler, Sam Goncalves, Chauncey Landers, Zach Niemiec, Adam Mehall, and Alexandra Kerecman

Row 2 (L to R): Joe Rutkowski, Blake Carlton, Olivia Viscomi, Nori Zaccheo, Callie O’Brien, Gabi Pagnotti, Julia Montevechi, and Michael Waltman

Row 3 (L to R): Nevaeh Ross, Emily Rose, Caroline Kudrich, Kylee Camacho, Emilie Baum and John Bugiada

Row 4 (L to R): Emma Egan, Jessica Palauskas, Jayla Rodriguez,  Josh Thomas, Sam Hiller,  Sarah Myers, Talila Turner-Boyd, and Liz Pfohl

Back row (L to R): Gavin Elliott, Enzo Cicco, Jose Fonseco, Patrick O’Malley, Seth Reese, and Sonya Castillo

Absent from photo: Joe Bruno, Rachel Kranick, Noah Molina, and Ariana Pacheco