West Scranton High School Red Cross Club Hosts Spring Blood Drive


On Tuesday March 1, the West Scranton High School Red Cross Club sponsored their spring blood drive. Throughout the course of the event, the Red Cross was able to collect 46 pints of blood from donors among the students and the staff of West Scranton High School. This was 11 units higher than the club’s initial goal of 35 pints.  This blood collected could potentially help up to 138 people.


Pictured are some of the student donors and volunteers at the event:


Blood Drive - Spring 1

(Sitting): Brianna Strein, Haley Leonard, and Yuliza Hernandez

(Standing): Ayanna Myers and Jacob Wegielewski


Blood Drive - Spring 2

(Far Left – Right): Connor Royce, Jonathan Licata, Joe Kane, Chris Cocozello, Jamie Fabbri, Hannah Makowski, Yuliza Hernandez, Melanie Souriyavong, Jordan Cummings, and Tyler Fuller