On Friday, March 23, the West Scranton High School Red Cross Club sponsored their spring blood drive.  Throughout the course of the event, the Red Cross was able to collect 45 units of blood from the students and the staff of West Scranton High School.  This was the second blood drive held by the Red Cross Club this year and, for the second time, they were able to exceed their collection goal.  The blood collected could potentially help up to 135 people.

Pictured are some of the officers and members of the Red Cross Club who volunteered at the event:

Photo 1:(row 1 L to R) Francessca Mehl, Kathryn Lahey, and Jon Penman

(row 2 L to R) Zhi Xin Zou (Red Cross Club President), Jimmy Greenfield (Red Cross Club Vice President), Keneth Morales, Nathalia Martinez (Red Cross Club Treasurer)

Photo 2: Students donate blood to the Red Cross throughout the day on Friday, March 23, 2018.