West Scranton High School Commemorates Red Ribbon Week
 Members of the SADD Organization of West Scranton High School marked Red Ribbon Week on Monday, October 26 by tying red ribbons along the front fence of the high school.  Red Ribbon week is celebrated yearly to commemorate a drug enforcement officer, Enrique “Kiki” Camerena, who was killed in Mexico in the war against illegal drugs.
 Photo: Participants in Red Ribbon Week were:
 Left Side (L to R):  Brianna Strein, Haley Leonard, Rebecca Loscombe, Zach Niemiec, Aurora Lyons, Chloe Rowlands, Marina Wall, Sequoia Monahan, Eric Huegel, Alexandra Karecman, and Nicole Pazzaglia
 Kneeling (L to R):  Kylee Camacho, Nori Zacchio, and Ryan Svetovich
 Right Side (L to R):  Ashley Masters, Diane Matteo, Bianca Gifford, Joe Chesek, Hallie Murphy, Nicole Chesek, Kaitlin Kennedy, Callie O’Brien, Rhiannon Tucker, Milagros Cervantes, and Rachel Kranick
Faculty advisors for West Scranton’s SADD organization are Mrs. Linda Cerra and Mrs. Maureen Walsh.