Students Donate Dodgeball Tournament Winnings to Students with Special Needs

On Friday, November 21, West Scranton High School held the final rounds of its second annual P.R.I.D.E. Dodgeball Tournament.  A total of ten student teams competed to win a prize of $240.00.  After several rounds of elimination, the winning team included 11 students from the senior class, who opted to donate all of their winnings to West Scranton High School’s Exceptional Children’s Aid Club.

The ECAC is dedicated to students with special needs, and the money will go to support members of the life skills and autistic classes at West Scranton.

The members of the winning dodgeball team (shown at center) were:

Stefhen Caple, McKenzie Bradley, Tyler Jakes, Kelsey Cwalinski, Pat Hart, Emily Mancus, Dan Mitchell, Shannon O’Donnell, Olivia Bodnar, Matt O’Malley, and Kyle Kroptavich

Members of West Scranton’s ECAC include (shown on right and left):

Shane Gerrity, Emily Froncek, Thomas Howey, Taylor Kozielski, Daniel Stefani, Amy Bainbridge, Krina Patel, Brianna Cramer, Hassan Johnson, Laura Bergstrom, Jimmy Sullivan, Timmy Loney, Michael Leitner, Alex Medina, and Nate Colliers