West Scranton “Drive 2 Life” Contest Winners

Three West Scranton High School earned awards in the national “Drive 2 Life” contest, which is co-sponsored by Scholastic and the National Road Safety Foundation.  Over 900 entries were received in the nationwide competition, which is open to students in grades 6-12.  To enter, individual students create a template for a Public Service Announcement (“PSA”) to prevent or discourage distracted driving. Submissions were entered in the forms of either scripts or storyboards for a 30-second PSA. Entries were judged on the quality of the student’s presentation and how well it showcases the student’s vision for an effective, creative, and compelling public service message.

West Scranton junior Eric Denicola and freshmen Rae Ann Topa and Alexis Smith were ranked among the top 25 in this national competition.

Photo: (left to right) Eric Denicola (11th grade), RaeAnn Topa (9th grade), Alexis Smith (9th grade), and faculty advisor Mrs. Angela Franek