West Scranton Students Attend University of Scranton’s
8th Annual World Cultures Dinner

Seven West Scranton High School students attended a dinner and presentation at the University of Scranton, which was sponsored by the university’s Department of World Languages and Culture. The event – the 8th annual “TA Talk” – featured University of Scranton teaching assistants in the Fulbright program, who presented unique and personal information on the countries of their birth.  The three featured teaching assistants were from the Dominican Republic, France, and Spain.  The event was funded by a University of Scranton Initiatives Grant.

The West Scranton students and faculty who attended the event were (L to R):


Ms. Jacquelyn Harris (West Scranton German), Heather Schmidt, Alexa Anzulewicz, Tyler Fuller, Felisia Gonie, Cara Anzulewicz, Cassie Merrill, Diane Matteo, Mrs. Kathleen O’Donnell (West Scranton Spanish), and Mrs. Maureen Walsh (West Scranton Spanish)