Geisinger Health and Wellness and Valley View School District have teamed up to fight Pennsylvania’s current substance abuse epidemic. Breanna Grzech and Sara Miraglia, employees of Geisinger Health and Wellness, bring prevention to life as they are spending several weeks at Valley View High School teaching and collaborating with Ninth grade students on substance use prevention while implementing the evidence-based program, Too Good for Drugs in High School, an interactive substance use prevention curriculum by the Mendez Foundation. Too Good for Drugs educates teenagers with real-world challenges faced in high school on essential social and emotional learning skills.

From left to right: Chris Mendicino, Principal; Lori Kelley, Guidance; Sara Miraglia and Breanna Grzech, Geisinger; Kim Dudrich, Guidance; Lawrence Pegula, Assistant Principal; Morgan Englehardt, Guidance.