A group of seventh grade students from Valley View Middle School has been working on a project this year to “Take Back the Tap.”  As part of a contest they are submitting to the Philadelphia Zoo, these seventh grade students are trying to encourage students in the Middle School to use fewer disposable water bottles.  To do this, they launched an awareness campaign, after which they distributed reusable water bottles to all the students in the Middle School.Peoples Security Bank generously donated the water bottles.  Olivia Hatala, Peckville Branch Manager, met the students involved with the project.

Pictured left to right front row:Jared Ramos, Elijah Zimmerman, Anthony Memo, Gia Mazza, Grace Lennox, Kaitlyn Newberry

Absent: Carley Jankauskas

Back row left to right; Elizabeth Gasper,Gifted Coordinator; Craig Sweeney, Valley View Middle School Principal; Olivia Hatala,Peoples Security Branch Manager: