Valley View High School News

Members of the Valley View High School Bio and History Club sponsored a drive to help the recent Hurricane Victims.  Students, faculty and staff donated funds to the American Red Cross.

Pictured left to right: Kaitlyn Brown, Secretary of Bio Club; Larry Pegula, Valley View High School Assistant Principal; Hailey Kobrynich, Treasurer of Bio Club; Trisha Gilla, Secretary of History Club; Menglin Jiang, Vice President of Bio Club; Bill Goldsworthy, American Red Cross Executive Director Northeast PA;  Andy Nagy, American Red Cross Senior Volunteer Specialist; Tara Sweeney, President of Bio Club & Vice President of History Club; Ashley MacDavitt, President of History Club; Marino Angeloni, Treasurer of History Club; Chris Mendicino, Valley View High School Principal; Nicole Zeiss, Faculty Adviser of History Club; and Anastasia Zabielski, Faculty Adviser of Bio Club